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MatchMaker is a trading information sharing service
that supports efficient management of companies by sharing company information.

If you don't want to buy a new one or don't have enough budget,
Interested in second-hand equipment and machinery at economical

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If there are assets that are not used,
Would you like to register before discarding the product?

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Product registration is free. for photo etc. can upload by smartphone. In cooperation with High access is expected.

Whether selling products or negotiating, please consult us.
We can help you from preparing to display products to negotiation. Displaying products without revealing names and displaying multiple products simultaneously, please consult us
Not only on website We also support business matching
Not only on website We also promote through flyers and seminars etc.

How to use

How to Use
Product registration
Register the information required for products, including photos.
Confirm and negotiate by message
Confirm and negotiate by message
Optional service selection
Optional service selection